'We create copy that is crisp,
bold and engaging.'



Having a brilliant brand or product is one thing, putting its greatness into words is another. Crafting ad copy that works is what we’re all about. We write about benefits rather than features. We build in emotional triggers that spur readers into action. Active verbs keep the copy moving from the attention-grabbing headline to the spot-on pay-off. Our copy is so conversational that it looks easy to write, but it’s both hard work and a lot of fun. And it always pays off.

Annual Reports

The annual report gives you a unique tool and opportunity to communicate and engage with stakeholders. It’s all about going beyond the numbers to get to the heart of your narrative. How you put your values, objectives and dedication into action to achieve objectives in the year under review. We produce engaging copy for your annual reports that provides interesting insights into your company and people. We’ll interview the people behind the numbers to give your company a human face. We’ve mastered the financial terminology and delve deep to grasp your company’s specific voice and manner. The result: annual reports that provide a factual account of developments, but that are interesting to read and never boring.


It’s no wonder many people dread making speeches. A great speech can win hearts and minds and create a lasting connection. A not-so-great speech can bore and leave a bad impression. That’s why it’s smart to use our professional speechwriting service. We will craft a speech that is coherent and well-structured. Entertaining, meaningful and informative, always in the right tone of voice. A narrative that conveys your personality and sense of humour and that makes you come across naturally and confidently. A speech that’s right for the event and audience. And if you’re delivering a speech in English when it’s not your first language, we’ll make sure it’s free of tongue-twisters and that it sounds natural. So whether you’re speaking at an awards ceremony, an event or a press conference, count on us to help you speak with confidence. Yes we can.